Ayesha Takia Hits Back At People Shaming Her For Ageing After Paps Click Her At Airport

The film industry is very forgiving of men. We have 50-year-old male actors bagging lead roles in big-budget films, romancing female actors who are less than half their age. But when it comes to women, they are very unforgiving. Talented older female actors are often sidelined because they don’t look as though they are in their 20s anymore. They are expected to look young forever and are put through immense public scrutiny for looking ‘older’. The recent victim of this has been Ayesha Takia.

Ayesha Takia in ‘Socha Na Tha’

Ayesha Takia used to be a Hindi film actor and model. She became popular after featuring in Falguni Pathak’s video of the song ‘Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaye’ and later became a very loved actor after making her Bollywood debut with ‘Tarzan: The Wonder Car’. She went on to perform in bigger Hindi films like Socha Na Tha, Salaam-E-Ishq and Dor – which earned her immense recognition.

Ayesha Takia in ‘Salaam-E-Ishq’

The last time she was seen working in films was in 2011, after which she didn’t return back to the silver screen. Recently, a video of her was captured before she entered Mumbai airport was shared on social media by paparazzi Viral Bhayani. Naturally, she looks a lot different than she did a decade back.


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However, several people online couldn’t fathom that Ayesha Takia had aged and hence, they thought it would be appropriate to age-shame and body-shame her.

After facing such scrutiny, Ayesha took to Instagram to share a statement. She informed people online that she was on her way to Goa for a medical emergency in her family and that there were more pressing issues in the family than dissecting her looks.

“Need to say this, rushed to Goa two days ago‚Ķ Had a medical emergency in my family… My sister has literally been in hospital. Amidst all this, I remember being stopped by paps and posing for them for basically a few seconds before flying off. Turns out there are no other important issues in the country except dissecting my looks. (sic)”

She went on to add that she has no interest in doing films, is not planning on making a comeback, and asked people to stop caring about her.

“Been bombarded by viral ridiculous opinions of how ppl think I should have looked and don’t. Literally get over me yaar, I have zero interest in doing any films or any comeback like people are saying. I’m living my life happily, never want to be in the limelight, not interested in any fame, don’t wanna be in any film…So chill.. Pls feel free to not care about me at all. (sic)”

She then highlighted how it is ridiculous for people to expect that a woman would look the same even after 15 years.

“Expecting a girl whose mostly been seen in her teens to look identical even after 15 years…How unrealistic and ridiculous are these ppl…Lol please find better things to do with ur time rather than pick apart good looking women, I’m blessed with a fabulous life and do not need ur opinions, save it for those interested. I’m sending back all ur shitty energy. Do better ppl, get a hobby, eat a fun meal, talk to ur friend, smile, whatever it takes to not feel so unhappy that u need to tell a gorgeous happy woman how she’s not looking like u wanted. (sic)”

Here’s a look at her post:


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Our society has such unrealistic expectations of women!

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