4-Year-Old Girl Dies In Delhi After Falling Into A Hot Pot Of Tea

Out of all the times that my Dadi said that ‘Kalyug Aa Gaya Hai’, this time it appears to be the most real one. Our heart bleeds to even disclose a news like this. But sadly enough, it has happened.

A 4-year-old toddler named Aayat recently died after falling into a hot pot of tea.

4 year old girl dies
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The young one who was rushed to the hospital immediately, couldn’t take the pain of the burns and lost her battle to life after suffering for two days.

Aayat used to live with her parents in a cramped rented house in the old Seemapur area of Delhi. Her father, Irfan, works as a small time tailor in the nearby Gandhi Garment Market. Given the small size of the rented apartment, Aayat was used to playing with her older siblings on one large bed.


The unfortunate incidence took place when Aayat’s elder sister had prepared the tea and kept it under the bed. While she was waiting for others in the family to have tea, Aayat toppled off and fell head first into the hot tea pot. 

$ year old baby dead
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She suffered burns on her face and upper body. Her siblings who tried to rescue her suffered the burns too.


According to Hindustan Times, this is what a senior official from Delhi Police has spoken about it.

“Our probe has not pointed to any foul play. It was an unfortunate accident.”

We hope the little one’s soul rests in peace and may God give strength to her parents to survive this trauma.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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