13 Signs That Say You Are An Insanely Competitive Person

Some people take competition a bit more seriously than the rest of us. Are you one of them? Then it’s time to laugh at yourself.
Here are thirteen signs that show you might be a overly competitive person. You play to win and not “not to lose”.

1. You get super crazy when you are about to lose a game



2. You are extremely good with numbers



3. You keep scores/success levels for everything


4. When you are on a treadmill at a gym you have to go faster than people near you



5. When you lose, you take it personally and in your mind you say “See you next time”



6. You fake congratulate your opponent if he/she beats you



7.  If the side you support in a match loses, everyone around you will have a bad day



8. Your competition doesn’t have an age.. kids to the elderly.  Bring ’em on



9. In school, a difference of 0.5 marks on your test paper was depressing



10. You cry too often


Coz sometimes you lose too. 🙂


11. You absolutely cannot tolerate stupidity and slow movers



12. You walk fast and are extremely disciplined & punctual



13. You are a winner & your motto of life: “Gotta be number 1 at everything I do”


Finally you realize quicker than others that in life, that real competition is the person in the mirror.

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