10 Sure Signs You Are A True-Blue Gujarati

We all have that one Gujarati friend in our friend circle whose shrewdness in business is impeccable, taste in food is classy, has a weak spot for sweets, has enviable Garba moves, dressing sense is trendy and above all is a great person to hang around with. That’s a Gujju, my friend.

Let’s start this list with a common Gujarati greeting, Jai Shree Krishna. Presenting ten sure signs of a true blue Gujarati.

1. They can never get lost in the US


You’re not a true Gujarati unless you’ve atleast one relative in the US. On a serious note, everyone from every community goes abroad, but Gujjus have been there, done that. They have the highest household income of all ethnic groups in the US.


2. They are super foodies


Their favorite summer food is Keri no ras (Homemade mango pulp) & winter food is Undhiyu (Mixed vegetable dish that includes yam and beans) Yumm.

Sunday mornings: Jalebi + Gathiya

Gujaratis favorite breakfast combo. Ask your Gujju friend. 😉


3. They can dance Garba gracefully for hours

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The best time to visit Gujarat is during the Navratri festival. Young and old, dressed beautifully in colorful cholis, ghagras, bandhani dupattas, turbans and kedias dance throughout the night till dawn. Keep calm and do Garba. 🙂


4. They have a shrewd business acumen


Planning to venture out? Talk to your Gujju friend for advice. ‘Nuff said already.


5. They are natural kite flyers coz they never miss Uttarayan

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Uttarayan is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Gujarat. If you find a Gujju who’s not a good kite flyer, you can be assured that he hasn’t spent much time in his hometown.


6. They know all the secret sources to get a bottle of ‘You Know What I Mean’


Gujarat is a dry state. 😉


7. Awesome Gujarati Weddings with amazing food


Never miss a Gujarati wedding. You get tons of mouth-watering food to feast on, dance garba, dress colorful and go crazy.


8. They always sport the latest fashion trend

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You can safely take fashion tips from most Gujaratis. They’re always in vogue.


9. They have killer negotiation skills


Going for a shopping spree? Never hurts to tag a Gujju friend along. They will get you the best dress for even a better price. Bargaining level 9000. It’s not called cheap, it’s called skill.


10. Gujaratis are bravehearts as they come from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel

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If you ever find a coward Gujju, send her to us. She can’t be real. 🙂

We may be right, we may be wrong, but the fact remains that it’s awesome to have a Gujju friend for life. What say?

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