Zara Sells ₹4K Men’s Shirt That Has ‘Dilli Ki Dhoop Dilli’ & ‘Chawal’ Embroidered On It

The fashion world has this interesting ability to come up with bizarre trends and make people believe how good-looking they are. Remember the ultra low-rise, underwear showing jeans? Or those chunky beaded belts and plastic jewellery? Now when we look back we realize how ridiculous they looked!

However, the fast-fashion brand Zara has come up with a peculiar clothing item. For Rs 4000 (49 USD), they are selling a white men’s contrast embroidered shirt that reads ‘Dilli ki dhoop Dilli’ on one side and ‘Chawal’ on another side. Have a look:

What’s funnier is that below ‘Chawal’, there is another piece of writing that reads ‘Elements of Voyage’.

People online tried really hard to make sense of it all. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Honestly, what is Zara even doing? 😛

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