Zakir Naik Sends A Rs. 500 Crore Notice To Arnab Goswami For “Defaming Him Without Evidence”

Zakir Naik reportedly sent a legal notice to Times Now alleging that the channel’s show “The Newshour Debate” defamed him without evidence.

He seeks 500 crore rupees as compensation for the damages Arnab Goswami has done to his image because he claims that all the statements Arnab made on The Newshour are false.

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Just to jog your memory, Zakir Naik is the televangelist who suddenly became famous in India for his controversial statements he makes on his show on Peace TV.


Zakir Naik is also under the keen eye of the intelligence agencies in India for inciting violence against India, and that is exactly what Arnab talked about

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Because of this, Arnab Goswami, being the loud person he is, made statements like –

“… He is not a scholar, he is a supporter of Osama bin Laden, he used the medium of television to build the case for Osama bin Laden.”

“… He is using the garb of Quran to defend violence, the ISIS has carried out the attack in Dhaka and this man is defending Osama bin Laden and building a case for them.”

To put the argument to rest, Zakir Naik DID ENDORSE BIN LADEN. You can watch the video here.

He has also made controversial statements like “There is no such thing as teenage love” and “Every Muslim should be a terrorist” and “Women should be beaten lightly.”

It will be very interesting to see how Times Now and Arnab respond to this televangelist clown masquerading as a genuine man of faith.

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News Source – IndiaToday

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