Guy Tries To Sext A Girl From His Class, Ends Up Getting The ‘Hairiest’ Shock Of His Life!

I’m pretty sure you’ve come across a lot of ‘wrong number’ and ‘sexting gone hilariously wrong’ stories. But what makes this one truly amazeballs is how it beautifully combines both these genres to give you the perfect epic sexting fail ever! Not to mention the outrageous comments on the Reddit thread where this was shared!

So, without further ado…

Meet Reddit user¬†Th3GreenMan56,¬†who is, confirmed, a man. You know, Y chromosome, with a P instead of a V, and a moustache. Remember the moustache, because it is important. One day, he received a text….


Greenman clearly realised this was a wrong number, because A) he doesn’t know any Brandon, and B) he doesn’t go to any class.

Also, I guess, if a guy you’ve never heard of seems to be nervous and ‘sweating profusely’ while talking to you ON TEXT, you might as well call it a wrong number and end the conversation!

But ‘Wrong-Number-Brandon’ here was so sure of himself that he went ahead and kept texting anyway. And his drift, was getting dangerously close to his real, not-so-noble intentions!

First of all, Shannon needs to learn to give someone the right digits next time. And second, ‘Brandon from ECON’ is very fast and does not like to beat around the bush!

Greenman tried, okay? He tried one last time to save ‘Itching-hand-Brandon’ from a great folly. But alas, he was too late. Brandon was a dick, and he sure as hell sent one too!

There, I told you, the moustache was important!

Remember how Brandon Stark from Game of Thrones had a bad fall and broke his back after he saw something he shouldn’t have seen? Well, so did our ‘Dick Pic Brandon’. And the moustache was the Jaime Lannister in this case!


Ouch. That must have hurt a lot because ‘Still-in-denial-Brandon’ was clearly in shock. That “No” was probably more like a “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Guess we’ll never know!

Greenman’s Reddit was flooded with some insane comments!

Well played, Sir! Well played!

That “NO” was something though!

The denial is strong in this one!

It does, doesn’t it? Not to mention, the moustache! The ultimate saviour!

Someone still is in denial and thinks this was all a ploy to fend off unwanted attention!

On second thought, not a bad idea!

Some peeps thought this could have gone a whole other way! Well, maybe the next time Shannon gives some guy the wrong number!

The moustache is the real MVP!

It’s amazing how some overly curious folk had the balls to ask if the dick pic was good or not!

Oh well!

Here’s hoping ‘Creepy-Guy-Brandon’ finds the right recipient of his sexts, because I have a feeling, Shannon’s going to be in big trouble!