Women Online Talk About How They Should Never Tolerate Men Calling Them Derogatory Names

Say what you will but mutual respect is the foundation of any lasting healthy relationship. It is unacceptable for couples to resort to verbal abuse or derogatory names when communicating, especially when they are arguing. If a man engages in verbal abuse towards the woman he is dating, it is crucial for her to prioritize her self-worth and emotional safety. Choosing to leave a toxic relationship is a way to assert one’s personal boundaries.

A lot of women on X have been reiterating this idea after a screenshot from a video went viral which read, “When the word ‘b*tch’ slips out during an argument and you realize he isn’t your soulmate after all.” A user shared this screenshot and wrote, “The moment a man calls you a bitch you need to break up with him.”

Responding to this post, several others stressed the idea that if a man uses derogatory names at a woman or appears to be even slightly threatening, thereby compromising the safety of a woman, the woman should leave immediately and call it quits. Because, as was pointed out by many, being respectful in a relationship and not using verbal profanity at your partner even when you’re engaged in an argument is very easy. Holding back from disrespecting your partner in any way is actually very simple.

In every relationship, there has to be mutual respect and certain boundaries that one just cannot cross.

No one should endure mistreatment. Don’t you agree?

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