DMs To Marriage! Woman Shares How Her Husband Went From Sending Her Memes To Marrying Her

I believe that people who can make others laugh are some of the kindest people in the world. They have the ability to brighten someone’s day with their humour and that is a beautiful quality to have, especially in a partner. Earlier, people used to tell jokes, then they started forwarding funny SMSs and now, they are sending memes and funny videos!

One woman shared how one guy used to send her memes in her DMs and now, he is her husband! She shared a few of his DMs wherein he expressed that he really liked her and she refused to believe him thinking he was joking.

But now, after 5 years of those messages, they are married!

“Fast forward 5 years later and turns out he really REALLY did like me. Moral of the story: give the guy sending you niche memes in ur dms a chance!” she wrote.

Have a look at her post here:

Her story warmed the hearts of many people online who congratulated her and wished the same kind of love story for themselves. Here’s what some of them wrote:

Dear women, give the guy sending you memes a chance! 😛

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