Woman Shares Video Showing What It’s Like Driving While Our Dads Sit Next To Us In The Car

I know how to drive. I have a driver’s licence. But I refuse to drive. Why? Because my 100% desi dad has scarred me for life. If you are someone who was taught by your dad how to drive, then you know what I’m talking about.

Indian dads have no chill while trying to teach their kids how to drive. They are anxious throughout, keep you on alert mode with their instructions and keep on saying one thing or another even when it’s not needed. Sometimes, they can lose their patience and ask you to stop the car, only to take over the steering wheel themselves.

A woman named Shivani Jha took to Instagram to share a Reel where she showed herself driving with her father sitting next to her. While she drove, her father kept on giving instructions and had no chill. She really wanted to know why her father was so terrified. Have a look:


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This struck a chord with innumerable desi kids on the internet who raided the comments section saying that all dads are ultimately the same. This is classic dad behavior and those who haven’t experienced it are the ones who never learnt how to drive!

Have a look at some of the reactions here:

I could relate to this video on a spiritual level! 😛

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