On His Last Day, Twitter Employee Deactivates Trump’s Account For 11 Min. Internet’s New Hero!

For any employee, the last day at work is the day they write history, or as we like to call it, a farewell email, which will henceforth be the legacy they leave behind.

But this now former Twitter employee’s last act on the job just turned them into an Internet hero.

Yesterday, for approximately 11 minutes, the Twitterverse could not find @realDonaldTrump‘s Twitter account. The reason? It was apparently deactivated!

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Twitter Government, the social media channel’s official administrative account, issued the following statement, citing the cliché ‘human error’ as the reason for this lapse.

A little before 7 pm (US time zone), media channels were in a flurry over news that the POTUS’ personal account unavailable.

A search for the same on Twitter displayed the message “User does not exist”.

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However, two hours after their first statement, @TwitterGov was back with a more detailed explanation—it was a former Customer Support employee who had pulled off this feat on their last day of work!

The chief concern that most skeptics echoed was how a customer support employee had the requisite clearance to delete a verified official account which has over 41 million followers.

As for the Twitterverse, once they were assured that President Trump’s account was up and running and their source of all tweets Covfefe was indeed safe, they gave a roaring applause to the Twitter employee’s daredevil stunt!

1. There was quite a lot of insight into what said employee’s last moments at work would’ve been like.

TBH, exit interviews do tend to suck!

I’m outta here!


Swag Level: ∞

What you feel when you’re burning bridges you know you never want to set foot on again!

2. Many wanted to shower this unprecedented hero with tokens of appreciation!

Give them that Nobel Peace Prize already!

Frankly, I’d do it too for free pizza!

That employee’s going to be more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey!

3. People just couldn’t help but be sassy AF!


4. Ah! But this wishful thinking!

5. Writing history, one deleted Twitter account at a time!

6. And than kids, is how a POTUS’ account got deactivated by a fearless crusader who shall remain unnamed.

7. Ha! We finally know who it was!

8. Though Donald Trump didn’t react to any of it, we’re can pretty much imagine his comeback!

9. The ‘bare’ly there truth!

10. And the Oscar goes to….


Not all heroes wear capes. Some just work in customer support and rid the world of crime covfefe!

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