This Guy Tried Trolling Saina On Twitter But Her Reply Was A Smash On His Face!

If you love sports then it is the best time of the year. We are finally winning medals at the Olympics and we Indians can’t be more proud. But in excitement, we often tend to cross the line.

Twitter is a harsh place where people actually look for an excuse to troll someone. Few realize that it often backfires. A similar incident happened when an over-enthusiastic fan called Anshul Sagar tried to troll Saina Nehwal.


Little did he know that Saina’s response would completely shut him up.


Saina replied him with such class that the poor guy got so embarrassed that he actually apologised to her and claimed that he is still her fan.


Like a true champion Saina not only accepted his apology but also wished him luck.

Well, I guess now he knows why he shouldn’t mess with the best, be on the court or on Twitter.

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