This Guy Had The Best Pickup Line For Random Girl On Twitter, Even BFs Don’t Comment Like This

If you are a woman, you will be blessed with innumerable simps on social media who will give you a good dose of validation for your everyday life. To be honest, even boyfriends and husbands don’t leave such loving, supportive comments as some of these simps do. In case you do not know what a simp is, it is a person who gives you excessive attention and support.

Here’s an example of a simp going the extra mile to compliment a girl under one of her pictures. He could have written, “Hey! You look good,” as the pickup line. But no. That’s too basic.

His pickup line was, “God bless the trees that decayed into the soil millions of years ago to form coal which is used in thermal power plants to generate electricity for the hospital you were born in.”

I mean, give this man a medal.

Sad thing is, this guy isn’t the person who the girl is attracted to. But he should be. That is how justice prevails in this world.

People online were really impressed by this level of flirting. Here’s how some of them reacted:

My husband should be taking notes.

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