12 Terrifying Fictional Places You Would Never Want To Visit In Real Life

We love fictional places. How many times have we wished to catch the Hogwarts express or visit 221 B Baker Street to meet Sherlock Holmes?  But not all fictional places are that attractive. In fact, there are few places which we are happy that they exist only in fiction.

Here are some the famous fictional places where nobody wants to go.

1. Azkaban – Harry Potter Universe

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It is a place which has soul-sucking Death-Eaters and the most criminally insane witches and wizards as prisoners. Azkaban is a place which can make even the sanest minds go insane and moreover it is almost impossible to escape this high-security prison.

Its name is enough to strike terror into the hearts of even the most powerful wizards.


2. Arkham Asylum – Batman Universe

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It is probably the most infamous place in the Gotham City. If there is anything that the criminals of Gotham city fear more than the Dark Knight, then it is the Arkham Asylum.

Although it claims to be a psychiatric hospital, the asylum is even worse than a prison. It houses the most criminally insane patients.

Even though we all want to visit Gotham, none of us wants to visit the Arkham Asylum.


3. The Cube – The Cube

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No matter how much we love the film still none of us would want to end up in the cube. The giant maze which is filled with deadly traps is not ideally a place anyone would love to visit.

To make matters worst, even the laws of physics do not work here. The cube is like your worst nightmare come true.


4. The Big house – Marvel Universe

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What makes this otherwise ordinary prison scary is the fact that everyone inside it is shrunk. Once you are inside the Big House, even the ants would seem like some giant creatures. It is almost impossible to escape this correctional facility because even if you escape do your size would remain shrank.


5. Mordor – The Lord Of Rings

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There is nothing about this place that would seem friendly. A black volcanic ash plain located at a place which is almost inaccessible.

There is fire ash and dust everywhere. It is said that the very air you breathe here is a poisonous fume.

There is hardly a place in the entire Lord of the Rings universe which as terrifying and evil as this one. The place is LOTR’s version of Hell.


6. Jurassic Park – Jurassic Park

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We all love the Jurassic park movies. But a park filled with carnivorous dinosaurs isn’t exactly the place you would want to land up. Although originally built as an amusement park there is hardly anything in this dangerous park which people will find amusing. In fact, you will need a lot of luck to even come out of this place alive.


7. Beyond the Wall – The Game Of Thrones

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The place beyond the wall the is probably the scariest place to be in the entire Game of Thrones universe. As if the extremely hostile conditions were not enough, there is also an entire army of dead that you need to worry about, if you ever go beyond the walls.


8. Shutter Island – Shutter Island

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The debate over the ending of this film never seems to end. Everyone who has watched the film interprets it in his own way. Although it is still debated whether the island is actually a correctional home, it is definitely a place which only a few would like to visit.


9. Pan’s Labyrinth – Pan’s Labyrinth

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It is one creepy fantasy world which very few would like to visit. Nobody wants to go an eerie place and perform dangerous tasks. We are in fact happy that this gory underworld exists only in fiction.


10. The Overlook Hotel – The Shining

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This is one creepy hotel you will never want to visit. This unpleasant hotel has a long history of suicides and murders. At first, it might seem like a normal hotel but only after staying there one can realize how evil the hotel is.

People not only start having weird visions but the evil hotel corrupts their minds and drives them to perform heinous crimes.


11. Zion – The Matrix Films

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It is the last human city in the world. The worst part about it is the fact that the city exists in a world which is dominated by artificial life forms. There is a danger at every step. If you stay at Zion, you can never be sure if you would be able to make it to the next day.


12. Castle of Vlad – Da Vinci’s Demons

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This critically acclaimed TV show has quite a terrifying places, still, nothing comes close to the Castle of Vlad. A fictional version of the infamous Vlad the Impaler, his castle is filled with terror. He burns and tortures anyone he doesn’t like.

Often the food served in his castle is mixed with poison. Moreover, once you enter his castle you can leave it only when he wants you to leave and there is no guarantee that you would able to leave the castle alive.

No matter how exciting these places might appear as a part of fiction still I would never want to visit them in real life.

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