Cricket World Cup Defending Champions Team England Made To Travel Economy Class To Guwahati

You would think that the defending champions of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, team England, would be treated like royalty in India. They will be given business class seats on flights, allotted luxury suites in the best hotels, and given top-class services and facilities during their entire stay here.

However, team England had to travel economy class on an IndiGo flight for their journey to Guwahati for their warm-up matches against India scheduled for Saturday afternoon. According to NDTV, England’s wicket-keeper batter Jonny Bairstow took to Instagram to share a picture from their 38-hour-long journey.

In the picture, we see how the cricketers are sitting tired in a chaotic flight, summing up the troubles they must have gone through.

Several people online found this incredibly funny as well as utterly disappointing. Many of them expressed that this is no way to treat defending champions and that the authorities should have arranged alternate flights with business-class seats. have a look:

This brings up a very valid question – how are these cricketers expected to play full-fledged matches after having such a tedious journey?

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