Swearing On Whatsapp in Dubai Can Now Land You In Jail

The mannerisms of Britons have always been impeccable. Following the same league the Britons in Dubai have set a new benchmark of sophistication by making an extra conscious move on what they send using popular messaging service, WhatsApp.


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A new law has been passed in Dubai which will be applied to residents as well as British holidaymakers and celebrities living in Dubai. As per the law, maximum fines of up to £45,000 (in other terms Rs 44 lakh) can be issued to those who use swearwords in their WhatsApp messages.

While foreigners might face deportation from the United Arab Emirates under the new federal law governing online users, locals may be charged with a hefty fine and/or some time in the prison.

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As per the reports given by a news website Emrat Al Youm, one man has already been charged for swearing in a message on Whatsapp. The daily quoted: “Federal Supreme Court supported the prosecutor‚Äôs appeal and affirmed the need for the enforcement of the law governing information technology crimes involving a Dh 250,000 fine and deportation from the country.”

Well thank your stars for being in India and not in Dubai, or many of us would either be broke or if even worse, in prison by now!

News Source: Express.co.uk

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