Support Pours In For Shikhar Dhawan As Details Of ‘Cruelty’ By Wife Aesha Surfaces Online

I feel that a thing that not a lot of people talk about is how men can become victims of extortion in the aftermath of divorce particularly when it comes to child support, maintenance and property rights. In many cases, outdated legal systems favour one gender over the other, leaving some men financially vulnerable. Men can be obligated to pay a huge amount for maintenance and child support even when it is difficult for them to sustain. In addition to that, property division can be skewed against them which may leave them with limited or no access to the assets for which they significantly contributed.

Such seems to be the case with Shikhar Dhawan who was recently granted divorce from his wife Aesha Mukerji on the grounds of mental cruelty. He had to endure harassment and extortion by his wife and had to stay away from his son, who lives in Australia with his mother. You may read more about the divorce here.

After details of his divorce case went viral on social media, support started pouring in from every corner of the country. People were amazed to see how despite going through such rough hardships, Shikhar Dhawan continued to look at the brighter side and kept a smile on his face. Here’s a look at some posts in support of him:

We hope that Dhawan is able to recover from this tough time.

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