Shah Rukh Khan’s Speech About Facing Your Fears Will Hit You In The Gut

He walked alone. He was frightened, afraid, homeless, poor; but he kept walking.
He didn’t let the fear of getting afraid to stop him. Instead, he faced his fears.

He had no parents, no Godfather, no one to look out for him. But he kept walking.
He didn’t want to succeed, he just didn’t want to fail.

A humble boy from a lower-middle-class family decided to act in films because he didn’t want to be unemployed. He rose, like a phoenix, defying all odds and became one of the biggest superstars the world has ever seen.

He is Shah Rukh Khan.

This inspirational speech by him will not only inspire you to not give up in life but will make you feel like he is with you, at every step, when you fall. Life is a tightrope, on which we all walk alone. So did he. So will you. And so will I.

The video is uploaded by Eternal Explorer.

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