SRK Didn’t Drink Water For 2 Days While Shooting ‘Dard-E-Disco’, Reveals Farah Khan

When we see an actor on screen looking like they are in their best-ever shape all chiselled and sexy, we often want to look like them. Be it Hrithik Roshan in ‘War’ or Katrina Kaif in ‘Kaala Chashma’, we look at these actors, wish for a body like them, go through tough diets and rigorous workouts and break our own hearts when we fail to look like them. But not many of us know what really goes on behind the scenes.

For example, Shahrukh Khan looked his absolute best in the song Dard-e-Disco from ‘Om Shanti Om’. He flaunted his bare body with his 8-pack abs and I remember a lot of the guys back in the day wanted a body like him.

Image source: YouTube

But while filming Dard-e-Disco, Shahrukh Khan didn’t drink water for two days because he wanted to look chiselled. Farah Khan, the director of ‘Om Shanti Om’, revealed this in a recent interview.

“I wanted a bare body shot of his in Main Hoon Na but he couldn’t work on his body as he had a back injury and had to get surgery. So during Om Shanti Om, he said I promised you that the first time I remove my shirt (on camera), I’ll do it for you. He didn’t have water for two days because it causes bloating. In Dard-e-Disco, he couldn’t even dance properly because he was cramping so much,” Indian Express quoted him saying.

This goes on to prove that not all things that we idolise while watching the television are healthy and sustainable.

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