Someone On LinkedIn Explicitly Mentioned Working At A Company That Was A ‘Mistake’

Many of us have taken up jobs or worked for companies which made us realize later what a grave mistake it was. We still regret taking up that particular job in the first place and sometimes mentioning it on our resume makes us sigh hard. However, there’s one person who isn’t ashamed of making that mistake.

A guy named Vibin Baburanjan took to Twitter to share a screenshot of someone’s LinkedIn profile who currently works at Blissclub. However, the person worked for Slice as the Creative Head for a year and called it a “mistake”.

“Made a mistake. Gave it a year to make sure just in case. Moved on,” the job description read on LinkedIn.

Have a look:

Sharing the picture, Vibin called it “radical candour”. Here’s his tweet:

This actually went on to inspire some people online to write the same about certain companies they worked for! Some were also left impressed by the person’s honestly. Here’s a look at a few responses:

Would you ever dare to do the same? 😛

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