Smriti Irani’s Clever Comebacks To Rajdeep Sardesai’s Questions Are Just Perfect

Rajdeep Sardesai’s recent interview with Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani, didn’t go exactly how he was expecting it to flow. For all the hooking questions Sardesai had planned, Smriti Irani gave clever comebacks throughout the interview. It would have been slightly embarrassing for Sardesai until Twitter took ‘Slaughtering Sardesai’ to another level and it started trending vigorously.

The 25 minute interview uploaded by Indian News and Views hovered around Amethi’s food park, BJP’s Land Bill, Rahul Gandhi and few other issues. Although, Sardesai kept fixating on one question. He wanted to know if her coming to Amethi on the same day as Rahul speaking in the Parliament was a political tactic. To that Ms Irani said, “It is possible that he knew I was going to Amethi and chose to speak on that day.” She also mentioned that Amethi is not Rahul Gandhi’s and why should she waste her time in thinking about him.

When Rajdeep Sardesai didn’t let the topic go, she said, “Mr. Sardesai you are more fascinated by Rahul Gandhi than I am”.

Smriti Irani also clearly mentioned that she is not a ‘Political Cinderella’ and does not have a lineage like other politicians do but she deserves equal respect for the work she is doing.

Witty remarks like these almost ambushed Sardesai and twitter went crazy over this simulating interview.

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