Allahabad School Bans The Indian National Anthem Saying That It’s “Un-Islamic”

People who run schools are called educators. And most of these educators are highly learned people.

But there comes a time when you find bigotry and ignorance among even the most learned.

M A Convent school’s manager Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq seems to be one of those people. He has banned the singing of the National Anthem on the grounds that it is un-Islamic.

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In addition to the national anthem, even the Saraswati Vandana is not allowed to be sung in the premises.


Why? Because of the verse “Bharat bhagya vidhata“. Mr. Haq maintains that Allah is the only bhagya vidhata or bringer of destiny

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And hence he believes that the country can never, ever be bigger than mazhab (religion) and khuda (God).


The school’s Principal and 7 other teachers resigned in protest and Mr. Haq claims that they resigned because of some other issues

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Although the Principal has gone on record saying,

“I left the school as soon as I heard about this. Seven more teachers also left as this is not acceptable at all.”


This is not the first time there has been a ban on the National Anthem. The Anthem has NEVER been allowed to be sung in his school

“Even the Supreme Court has said that you cannot force anyone to do anything which is against their religion”

Misinterpretation of Islamic laws cannot be given as an excuse to not sing the national anthem.

The most Mr. Haq can do is to choose not to sing it himself – that is still acceptable. But enforcing it on the whole school is clearly NOT.

News Source – Indian Express

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