16 Reasons Why Robin Is The Girl We All Want To Date

There are many How I Met Your Mother Fans who absolutely hate the way the show ended. But if you watch the finale again, you will find that the ending is just perfect.

Robin is presumably the reason why none of his other relationships ever worked out. The simple reason is no matter how good or perfect they were none of them was Robin.

There is something about Robin that makes us all fall for her.

Here the some of the reasons why Robin is the one for all of us.

1. She is not just your girlfriend, she is also your bro.

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2. She is ready to go out of her way for her friends. Her friends are her family.

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3. She is a rebel and she never gives up on her dreams.

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4. She knows how to bring a party alive and there is hardly a moment with her that’s boring.

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5. She won’t rush into a relationship and once she is serious, she is fiercely loyal.

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6. She accepts a person even after knowing all his faults.

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7. She is open to admit her embarrassing past.

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8. She is fiercely independent and she was never pampered.

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9. She not only has an amazing sense of humor, but she also knows how to laugh at herself.

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10. She loves traveling, but at the same time she knows where her heart belongs.

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11. Your best friends will become her best friends too.

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12. She loves animals as much as she loves her friends.

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13. She has an amazing sense of fashion and there is not a single time that she doesn’t look glamourous.

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14. She loves sports and you will accompany you even for laser tag.

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15. She is a badass who redefines all gender stereotypes. No one can smoke a cigar or fire a gun like her.

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16. No matter what kind of day you are having, her beautiful smile will always make it better.

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I think we all have a Robin in our lives and it’s time that we stop looking for the one because there is no one better Robin. 

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