Why Reviewing Parineeti Chopra’s Bridal Look & Comparing Her To Other Actors Is Uncool AF

In the glamorous world of Bollywood where the spotlight is on 24X7, even the most intimate moments of a celebrity are not spared from incessant public scrutiny. Take a Bollywood actor’s wedding day, for example – the day is supposed to be about happiness, love and companionship. But in the era of social media and constant public chatter, it is disappointing to see a section of people reviewing and critiquing the wedding looks of Bollywood brides and pitting them against each other, as if they are part of a competitive runway.

The latest victim of this nitpicking and harsh judgement is Parineeti Chopra, who tied the knot with politician Raghav Chadha recently in Udaipur. Every element of her wedding look is being dissected and judged. She is further being compared to other female celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Yami Gautam, etc. and they are all being ranked.

This trend of ranking female celebrities based on their bridal looks raises important questions about the values and priorities of our society. At a time when we are advocating for women’s empowerment, it is disappointing to see accomplished actors being treated like mere mannequins to be judged solely on their wedding ensembles.

When we rank a Bollywood bride, and call one a 9/10 and another a 2/10, we are not only objectifying these talented women but are also perpetuating harmful beauty standards and reinstating regressive societal norms.

Another self claimed fashion police
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Whether women want to wear red, pink, beige, or white attire for their wedding is entirely their decision. Whether they want to wear their mothers’ sarees or designer lehengas, is their decision. Whether they want a minimal makeup look for a full-blown bridal look is, again, their decision. Whatever makes them happy. It is their special day after all.

Today’s online fashion police, armed with smartphones and a stable internet connection, are the modern-day version of chatty Indian aunties. Just like how aunties gather around a table giving their unsolicited opinions about everything, starting from the wedding food to the look of the bride, today’s fashion brigade stomps on Instagram Stories, posts, comments, and Broadcast Channels to unleash their inner Pammi aunty.

The only difference is that you can block or mute these online personalities while dodging a Pammi aunty at a wedding or in the neighbourhood requires solid ninja-level skills.

To sum it all up, we as a society need to celebrate one’s individuality, talent and happiness and not reduce people to mere objects of critique. We need to remember that behind every celebrity bridal look is a real bride with real feelings. Let’s be more empathetic and respectful.

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