Forget Red Flags, People Are Sharing ‘Green Flags’ You Should Look For In Your Partner

We all know that not every relationship is perfect, but it’s the little things and the cute banter with our partner is what makes us stay with them for the rest of our lives. The little things like going grocery shopping together, cooking a meal or making a fool of yourself just to cheer your partner is what sometimes makes a huge difference, right?

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But often it’s difficult for us to acknowledge their efforts and determine if they are really ‘the’ one for us. So, if you’re in a fix then this Reddit thread is sure to help you out.

A Reddit user recently asked people to share some little known relationship green flags with him. And in no time, people volunteered and shared some of their observations that people should look forward to in their relationships.

Here’s what they said:

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If you feel the butterflies in your tummy every time your partner is around or feel secure and safe with just his presence then these are also green flags, IMO. Do share your tips with us.

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