10 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Say ‘No’


One of the most difficult things to do is to say ‘no’. People are often scared, because saying ‘yes’ is easier and it delays an awkward situation; only to raise its ugly head later. However, saying ‘no’ is really the best way to avoid further complications.

Want to know why you should learn to say no? Read on…

1. It eradicates a prospective awkward situation, beforehand

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When you say yes and fail to do what you’re asked to do, it puts you in an even messier situation.


2. Pushing your limits and going overboard won’t give out the best results

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You’re simply succumbing to pressure, nothing else.


3. Because it’s time you set your priorities right

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You have to learn to accept the fact that you can’t step on multiple stones simultaneously.


4. Saves time and energy

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Both yours and the person who’s expecting something from your positive commitment.


5. Saves you from the embarrassment of not faring well

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And not saying ‘no’ will do nothing but make others question your skills and abilities.


6. Builds up your confidence

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Saying no at the right time, will boost your confidence. You stood up for what’s right.


7. People stop taking you for granted

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You won’t come across as a pushover. Take your stand and stick to it.


8. Gain some real respect

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It might sound counter-intuitive, but people value ‘no’ as an answer. No ones going to judge you, instead they’ll start respecting you for taking the right decisions.


9. Keeps your health in check and keeps the glow on your face intact

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When you can’t say ‘no’ and fail to give yourself enough sleep, simply coz you’re busy finishing all the extra work you said yes to, will take a major negative toll on your health.


10. Finally, your ‘yes’ is valued more

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When you learn to say ‘no’, your ‘yes’ becomes more valuable. People will know you don’t simply say yes to everything, so when you say yes it really means something.

Next time when you’re genuinely busy or can’t or don’t wish to say yes, politely say no. It won’t spoil your relationship with the person or show that you’re incapable of doing it. It will simply mean you’re too occupied and you have your priorities right. So, relax and practice the word ‘No’.

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