Is It A Rabbit Or A Bird? Online Debate Strikes As Popular Optical Illusion Comes To Life

There are some debates that take place on the internet, only to never reach a conclusion. Netizens are often found divided over these puzzling optical illusions, but, an actual solution to those highly-ambiguous ‘puzzles’ is never to be found. One such optical illusion has been that of “A Rabbit or a Duck?”.

An image with a sketch drawn ambiguously to resemble both, a rabbit and a duck, has waged online debates since times immemorial. But to make matters worse, it seems like that sketch has come to life. A video was posted on social media, where a person seems to be scratching the ‘nose of a rabbit’, or is that a raven? Or is that a rabbit?

Needless to say, Netizens found it fascinating to see the illusion and the Rabbit-Duck war resumed, only with a new contender this time- a raven!

After all these “extremely valid points and observations”, what do you think you just saw- a Rabbit getting a nose-scratch or a Raven getting a head massage? (P.S.- For hint, take a look at the title!)