Defying Gender Norms, Pulkit Samrat Performs ‘Pehli Rasoi’, Talks About ‘Equal Responsibility’

In Indian households, the Pehli Rasoi tradition is a beautiful custom where newlywed brides are welcomed into their new homes with warmth and love. It involves the bride cooking her first meal for her husband and in-laws, symbolizing her acceptance into the family. A lot of people might question – why is it only the brides who perform this ritual? In today’s times where newlywed couples share equal responsibility, it seems perfectly logical for both the bride and groom to perform this ritual, isn’t it?

While many might disagree, actor Pulkit Samrat agrees. He got married to fellow actor Kirti Kharbanda recently and he decided that he should have a Pehli Rasoi too.


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Kirti Kharbanda took to social media to share how she entered the kitchen and found Pulkit Samrat cooking halwa. When she asked him what he was doing, he responded by saying it was his pehli rasoi. When Kirti reminded him that the ritual is for brides only, Pulkit argued that they share equal responsibility in their relationship.

“Pulkit ki pehli rasoi happened yesterday. I walked into the kitchen and realised he’s making halwa. I asked him what he was doing, and he casually responded, ‘halwa bana raha hoon, it’s my pehli rasoi.’ I giggled and told him, pehli rasoi ladki ki hoti hai baby. To which his response was, ‘that’s so silly, we’ve both decided to share equal responsibility in this relationship. You cooked for our family back home in Delhi, I’ll cook for our family here in bangalore. Simple!'”

Calling him a “green flag”, she further said that this is how it’s supposed to be – simple.

“He used the word simple. Yes. So casually he changed everything around and used the word simple. And in all honesty it was. It was that simple. @pulkitsamrat you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you for showing me that you’re the best decision I’ve ever made. Tu sabr ka phal hai baby, sabse meetha!”

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What a sweet gesture this was!

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