Pigeon Meme Is The Latest Fad And People Are Using It To Rant About Random Things In Life

pigeon meme

I can understand if you think Twitter is only a pit of hate, filled with venom-spewing trolls. I did for the longest time. But apart from all the at-the-rating, the one trend that ends up on everybody’s timeline, irrespective of one’s affiliation is the high tide of memes!

Hey, I’m no social media expert but as a religious taker, maker and believer of memes, I solemnly swear- there is no trade like the flourishing meme business. In fact, there will always be something around some corner of the interweb that will you give you a stomach ache from severe laughing.

Now, talking about things that happen from severe laughing here is another contender for the best meme of the year award- the pigeon meme!

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Originally existing as a still from an anime series ‘The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird’ the meme maps its origin to a character pointing to a butterfly and asking “is this a pigeon?” Yes, as simple as that.

While the character in the show, an alien android, wanted to pass a human but fumbles when he mixes a butterfly with a pigeon, the fine people of the internet have collectively meme’d the still to express their utter discombobulation.

Don’t believe me? See the frustration on randomest thing below…

1. Pika Pika *sparks flying*


2. The forever mood!

3. This pretty much sums up my everyday online experience.

4. OUCH.


5. Tell me about it…

6. Or assignment?

7. DEEP.


8. Opps. Spilling beans, are we?

9. ME IRL.

10. Please say no…

11. The best kind TBH!

See? If you’re wondering if some meme format has finally outcasted the viral boyfriend meme template, let me tell you…you’re not the only one. Go ahead, I know you want to meme it. 😛

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