‘Wash Your Mouth With Soap’ Orry Hits Back At Instagram User Who Called Him ‘Trans’

Bollywood’s BFF and a ‘liver’, Orhan Awatramani AKA Orry loves to live his life on his own terms, no matter how nonsensical it seems. He will pose beside the big shots of the business and the entertainment world wearing the most outrageous clothing and say the most bizarre things on record like it’s nobody’s business. He will be himself unapologetically – the opinion of others be damned.


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However, considering that social media can be a very negative space for a person like him, Orry does have to face his own fair share of online trolling. Recently, a user on Instagram wrote something about him that was very insensitive and tried to bring down not just him, but an entire community.

“Wherever whichever page you go you see this trans walking or hitting on someone or posing like trans everywhere… why no one bans this idiot on social media,” the user wrote.

But Orry did not take this nonsense sitting down. He blasted the user and gave a piece of his mind, and rightly so! Here’s what he wrote:

“Wash your mouth with soap talking like this is disrespectful to your parents cause it makes them look like they didn’t know how to raise a child. Your DP you are trying to pose like a sweet innocent little girl, but your comment which you thought no one would pick up on shows your inner snake & poison. I have second-hand shame for your parents and anyone who ever comes in contact with you. I am a man myself, but your ignorant condescending remarks, and the tone you are using to put down a whole community of people is utterly disgusting.”

Once in a while, it is important to put internet trolls in their rightful place. Way to go, Orry!

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