North-East Students Urge People Not To Call Them ‘Coronavirus’ & Harass Them, Watch Video

There is no doubt how dangerous the coronavirus can be when it comes to affecting a person physically. The number of confirmed cases in India is on the rise, currently recording 125. However, the coronavirus has also taken an emotional toll on many. And I’m not just talking about the panic surrounding the virus. There has also been a significant rise in racism and class distinction.

Speaking of which, a video of a few North-East students, from a small village in Punjab, talking about how they are facing racism and bullying due to the coronavirus is going viral on the internet, reports India Today. They claim that because their facial features have resemblance with people living in China, they are being called “coronavirus” which they find humiliating.

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The video starts with the students saying how people from the North-East have since long been called offensive names like “Chinki”. And now being called “corona” or “coronavirus” by random people on the streets is taking an emotional toll on them.

“Abhi jo chal raha hai, yeh coronavirus, humare upar bahut effect ho raha hai. Kyunki pehle toh humein ‘Nepali’, ‘Chinki’, ‘Chinese’, yeh sab bolta tha, abhi toh ‘coronavirus’ ho gaya hai,” said one of the students.

Another student claimed how people from the North-east are being humiliated and harassed by others during this time. They claimed to have heard instances of North-east students being asked to leave their rented apartments, and people are also throwing buckets of water on them.

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They urged people to not behave this way because it is impacting them negatively and they aren’t being able to concentrate on their studies.

“We live in India. We are not the people who are bringing the virus. People from China and tourists are the ones bringing the virus. So please don’t call us names,” they said.

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“You should be proud that there is a diverse range of people belonging to different cultures in India. Instead, you bully us. You shouldn’t do it,” they added.

You may watch the entire video here:

Stop calling us corona, chinki, Chinese….North East students of Punjab.#Govt_Of_India#say #No #to #Racism#Students #Northeast#India

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People on the internet were filled with support for these students. Some even took to the comment section to narrate their own experiences of discrimination. Have a look:

Rather than discriminating or harassing our countrymen from North-east India, we should educate ourselves on the different states and cultures of our country. It is unacceptable for students to endure such humiliation daily!