‘Nature’s Return Gift’ Tons Of Plastic Gets Washed Up & Covers Mumbai Beach, Raises Concerns

One should never mess with nature. Standing against a force that is so strong and large in front of all of us combined is plain stupid. If you litter the ocean with waste, it will come back. If you wipe out our forests, there will be floods. If you tear down our trees and cause pollution, there will be global warming. Nature keeps giving us reminders to mend our ways.

For example, a video of a beach in Mahim, Mumbai, completely covered with plastic waste, has concerned people online, reported India Today. The video was posted by a Twitter account named ‘Mumbai Matters’ who claimed that it was a “return gift” from the Arabian Sea.

Have a look at the video here:

Several people online condemned humans for causing pollution and urged them to stop throwing garbage at the beach.

Responding to the post, BMC claimed that they have been regularly cleaning the beaches to rid them of plastic pollution.

However, government authorities cleaning such a mess is secondary. The primary concern is of us citizens, who continue to litter public places and do not practice appropriate waste management.

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