‘Mowgli’ Trailer Promises The Dark Live Action Reboot Of Jungle Book We’ve Been Waiting For


We have all grown up watching and listening to the tale of Mowgli, the boy who grew up in the jungles of India by animals who honestly have become over favourite fable characters over time. Remember Baloo‘s playfulness? Or the way Bagheera used to protect the kid? Of course, you do!

But what I told you, times have changed? What if I told you there is a twist in the tale? That’s right, an edge-of-the-seat retelling is here and it’s the dark live-action reboot we have been waiting for! Warner Bros. has released its first trailer for ‘Mowgli’, director Andy Serkis’ decidedly no-comedy and downbeat version of ‘The Jungle Book’ based on Rudyard Kipling‘s classic. And boy, is it gripping!

Christian Bale voices Bagheera, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Shere Khan and Cate Blanchett plays Kaa. Serkis, a veteran of motion capture acting, plays Baloo. The film also stars Rohan Chand as Mowgli, Matthew Rhys, and Freida Pinto. I mean what’s not to like?

Watch the trailer here:


Can’t wait? That makes two us my friend!

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