Mom Shares How Her Kind Class-4 Daughter Showed Up As A Reader-Writer For Specially-Abled Girl

Specially-abled children, facing challenges such as dyslexia or visual impairments, often require the assistance of a reader-writer during exams. This person helps them by reading the questions aloud or writing down their answers, ensuring a fair evaluation of their knowledge and abilities. The reader-writer serves as a bridge, enabling these students to demonstrate their true potential. However, arranging for a reader-writer can be difficult for many specially-abled children before exams.

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A woman named Varsha took to X (formerly Twitter) to share how a mother was looking for a reader-writer for her specially-abled girl who studied in class 4. So, Varsha asked her daughter, who also studied in class 4, whether she would like to extend her help and fill in as a reader-writer for her.

And the little girl obliged, even though her own school exams were going on.

The exam centre was an hour away from their home so the little one had to wake up early, which she did entirely by herself without raising a fuss.

It was after she arrived at the exam centre that Varsha realise how difficult it is for people to find reader-writers. On top of that, the entire process of taking the assistance of a reader-writer is tiresome and involves a lot of paperwork.

Kids with disabilities face a hard time getting accepted in our society in the first place. So it is important for parents to let their kids mix with them without any kind of judgement or hostility.

This is parenting done right!

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