Minissha Lamba Speaks Of Her Divorce From Ryan Tham: “Everyone Has A Right To Live Happily”

Sadly, separation and getting a divorce are still a bit of a taboo in Indian society. And it’s not just us, even celebrities are subjected to bias and judgments because of their decision to part ways with their spouses.

Bollywood actor Minissha Lamba who also separated from her husband Ryan Tham last year recently spoke about the taboos attached to divorce. In an interview, she said that when the relationship is toxic, walking out is the right option.

India Today quoted her saying, “I would like to put it like this: Everyone has the right to live happily. ”

“Divorce was looked down upon in our society but now that women are self-dependent and can voice their opinions, things have changed. Earlier, only women were responsible to bear the burden of a relationship.”

“They had the sole responsibility for all the sacrifices (required). But now, they have understood that they have the right to walk out if they are not happy in the marriage.”

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The ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ actor further divulged, “Divorce is not easy but when the relationship is toxic, walking out is the right option. I would like to add that relationship or marriage can be an important part of your life but it cannot be your complete life. Unfortunately, women are recognized by their relationships and marital status. However, things are now changing.”

Minissha Lamba made her Bollywood debut in 2005 with ‘Yahaan’. She married Ryan Tham on 6 July 2015 but the couple confirmed their divorce in August 2020.

It’s only because of certain unfortunate scenarios that people separate from their loved ones. And this should completely be their decision irrespective of what society thinks. What say?

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