If Pizza Can Reach In 30 Minutes, Why Can’t Ambulance? With Bike-Ambulance, Now It Can.

With the recent spurt in technology and research in India in the last few decades, new techniques and drugs have lowered the mortality rate and helped save quite a few patients’ lives. But even with the latest equipment available in hospitals, a lot of people lose their lives just because they are not brought there in time. In serious cases, the time taken to provide medical help can be a prime factor in deciding between life and death.

How many times do we see an ambulance blaring it’s way to help a patient, only to be stuck in traffic? In some cases, a lot of people don’t even make way for the ambulance to go through.

Karnataka has come up with a brilliant solution for this: introducing medical help on two-wheelers. And how is this any different from ambulances you ask? These two-wheelers can get to the patient, battling through Karnataka’s traffic, before the ambulance arrives.

Watch this innovative concept take form in this video by NDTV.

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