‘Healthy Work Culture’ Kind Manager Instantly Approves Woman’s 10-Day Leave Request

Besides a few very blessed people, most of us have had to deal with managers who’ve had a “leave-it-or-leave-it” attitude. You know, the kind of managers who will safeguard your well-deserved leave days like it’s the last piece of cake at a party? They make you feel guilty for taking days off and to get them to approve leave requests, especially for long vacations, seems like a Herculean task.

However, not all of us have to deal with such difficult managers for there are some god-send people in this world who make working with them seem like a cakewalk. Here’s an example.

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A woman named Akansha Dugad, who works as an Interior Designer, took to social media to share how her manager instantly approved of her 10-day leave request without asking any questions.

This is the kind of manager professionals deserve!

However, not many of us are lucky to work under such managers and hence, this came as a surprise for many people online who wished for the same kind of colleague to work under. Here’s how some responded to this post:

Bosses who instantly approve leave requests are such gems! 😀

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