Man Got Saved From 9/11 Because Of Colleague’s Advice But He Fired Her Over Bad Performance

On September 11, 2001 (popularly known as 9/11), 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four planes, crashed two into New York’s Twin Towers, another into the Pentagon, and the fourth in Pennsylvania. One of the deadliest terrorist attacks in human history, it killed over 3,000 people and reshaped the world dramatically thereby calling upon a global war on terror. It stands as a stark reminder of the lasting effects of terrorism in the world.

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One man, Bill Ellmore, took to social media to share how he narrowly escaped the 9/11 terror attacks because a colleague advised him to change his flight. He was supposed to fly nonstop from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco. His colleague called him and asked him to change his flight to San Jose instead, and so he did.

His initial flight was United Airlines Flight 93 – the one that was hijacked and crashed in Pennsylvania.

His colleague made this request because she had taken the same flight a day before and the commute from SF to Mountain View was longer than that from SJ to MV.

One would think that Bill would be forever grateful to his colleague and would help her in whatever way he can. But shockingly, he went on to fire her over poor performance.

People online were left flabbergasted upon learning this detail and slammed the man for being so insensitive. Here’s how some of them responded:

Do you think it was unfair of him to fire her?

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