Watch Leopard Cub Throw A Tantrum As Mom Tries To Shepherd Siblings Across The Road


No matter what the species, acts of loving motherhood can be seen everywhere. And when it comes to animals, we’re lucky to witness it through video footage recorded by people. Whether it was a cat bravely carrying its kitten to the hospital, or a beagle adopting a baby possum after losing its litter, there are many acts of love in the animal kingdom.

Having said that, motherhood is absolutely no easy feat as it comes with its own set of challenges. A video of a leopard with two cubs that has surfaced on the web shows us a glimpse of that.

The clip is shared by Twitter user Supriya Sahu who is an Indian Administrative Officer, who aptly captioned it, “Every family has that one special kid who will have his/her own way.” Check out the adorable video here:-


In the video, we can see a leopard family of three, consisting of one mother leopard and two cubs, crossing the road. Suddenly, one of the cubs decides to rebel and stops in the middle of the road.

The mamma leopard then proceeds to use different tactics to make it abide to cross the road. She picks up the baby by grabbing it with her mouth, but to no avail. Thankfully, it does cross the road soon enough.


People on Twitter have a truck-load of reactions to the now-viral video. Check them out below:-

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