Beagle Loses Its Litter, So Adopts A Baby Possum In This Adorable Story Of Motherly Love!

The animal kingdom often delights us with the unlikeliest of friendships. While cats befriending dogs is adorable but a tad passé, canines have moved on to spread their love to furry friends from the marsupial family. This is precisely what happened with Molly the beagle.

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Devastated after losing her litter of pups, she found solace in adoption. But the beagle’s new little ward is baby possum named Poss!

Abandoned as a baby, Poss was set for a hard life alone in the wild. Luckily, she found a new mommy in Molly and the two have been inseparable since! Take a glimpse at their life on a beautifully serene cattle farm in South-eastern Australia.

Molly and Poss are cared for by their two hooman mums- Elle and Sara Moyle who are more than happy to welcome baby Poss into their family.

Poss usually sleeps in a tree but finds Molly waiting for her at the bottom of the tree when she wakes. The beagle then gives the possum piggy-back rides across the property and around the house to the delight of Molly’s owners.

While beagles and possums are often enemies, these two sure share a special bond.

Molly has never been happier, and Poss sure looks like one pleased possum!

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