Muslim Lawyer Gets Pic Of Burning Quran From Islamophobic Troll, Shuts Him Down Perfectly

Internet trolls love attacking religion. And for many years now, Islam has been on the receiving end of several of these. While some practitioners of the religion have learnt to ignore a troll, others have found their own creative ways to deal with it. And this Muslim lawyer on Twitter has managed to do a pretty killer job of it!

Twitter user @MuslimIQ recently shared a screenshot of his DM, where an Islamophobic troll had sent him a picture of a Quran being burnt. But the user, one Qasim Rashid, a lawyer living in Washington DC, had a nice little comeback for him!

Basically, what he was trying to say is what’s become DJ Khaled’s most popular line, as one Twitter user kindly pointed out:

Twitter was quite proud of how the guy sasses and handles the troll.

1. You can actually hear it in your head!

2. Boo-yah!

3. 10/10 answer!

4. B.U.R.N!

5. *slow claps*

Some people began listing down the various ways in which other religions also practiced the disposal of religious texts. And pretty soon, the thread turned into a nice mix of memes and sociology lessons!

The Jews bury theirs…

… and the American flag too goes the fire way.

All in all, the entire incident turned out to be a lesson full of fun and learning for all the trolls out there.

Religion is a deeply sensitive matter in the world right now and one of the easiest ways to tick someone off. But rather than escalating matters aggressively, this Twitter user found a rather peaceful and witty way to deal with trouble mongers.

Kudos, Qasim Rashid aka @MuslimIQ! Feel free to drop the mic!

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