Carjackers Kidnap Man But Get Stuck In Delhi Traffic, Police Catches Up & Arrests Them

I absolutely love traffic jams! Said no one ever.

However, one man from Delhi will be thanking God for traffic jams because while they are a cause for everyone to reach office an hour late, a traffic jam saved his life.

According to a report by India Today, a gang of carjackers kidnapped a man but later got stuck in a massive jam in Uttam Nagar, Janakpuri area, and were ultimately caught by the police just in time. Thanks to Delhi traffic jam!

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The gang allegedly stopped the victim, identified as Rijwal, in an autorickshaw while he was returning home at midnight. Then they snatched his car keys and forced themselves inside the car. The gang forced him to sit on the back-seat and then the car headed towards Dwarka.

Little did they imagine that they would get stuck in a traffic jam!

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“The incident was reported around 2 am. The victim’s brother informed the police that the four men had waylaid Rijwal’s car near Janakpuri and kidnapped him.¬†A PCR team then mounted a chase and spotted the car near the Uttam Nagar crossing while the driver was frantically trying to get past the traffic jam to reach the Najafgarh Road”, said DCP Sharad Kumar Sinha.

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The police found the car at Uttam Nagar’s red signal, reports News18. The gang tried running away from the spot seeing no escape from the traffic jam. While 3 of them escaped, the police were able to catch one of them. The police are trying to hunt down the rest.

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Now that’s a kidnapping mission massively gone wrong. Thank god for traffic jams!

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