KBC 9 Has Inspired The Internet And These Jokes Are Totally ‘Lock Kar Diya Jaye’ Worthy!

With the nostalgic baritone of Amitabh Bachchan asking, ‘Lock Kiya Jaye?’, the much anticipated season of the iconic show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ is here.

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But, in spite of all this glitzy puff, if there is one thing the show couldn’t escape, then it has to be the trolling Twitter troops. The microblogging site these days is flooded with jokes about KBC and mind you some of them are really funny.

Toh aaiye aap aur hum milkar khelte hai, kaun banega jokepati..taa naa na naa na..

1. Senior Bachchan is a saviour always!


2. And let the cribbing begin!


3. Kem cho? ‘Pana’-ma?


4. Issued by the Reserve Bank Of Bachchans!


5. This man took it way too literally!


6. Bwahaha!


7. Why only threading? Why not manicure or waxing?


8. Anything lesser then that is simply LS!


9. Poor lady!


10. And this one’s for the episode that’s coming up this week!

Still laughing right? Don’t hesitate to share your best ones in the comment box!

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