Fresh Snowfall Turns Kashmir Into White Paradise And The Pictures Are Pure Magic!

Kashmir is truly heaven on earth. The place and its people are beautiful.

But due to the political scenario, we tend to overlook the fact that it still is a beautiful place. On Monday the valley saw fresh snowfall that covered everything in what looked like white candyfloss.

Traffic, both on road and in air was interrupted. But who cares, the schools were shut and the kids got to ski!

1. A sight to behold!


2. Doesn’t that look like a winter wonderland?


3. Snow, snow everywhere.


4. This is what paradise looks like


5. Imagine making snow forts in a place like this!


6. Look at how deep the snow is!


7. People were busy too, shovelling the snow off their roofs


8. The Dal lake will also freeze over in some days


9. As beautiful as it could get!


10. People clicking pictures and having the most fun there!

Looks like paradise, doesn’t it?

Sources – The Indian Express, The Hindu

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