Karnataka Family Adopts Stray Dog After Their Son Passes Away While Trying To Save It

A 21-year-old boy named Tipesh from Devanagere, Karnataka, was coming back home after dropping his sister at a bus stop in Honnali on November 16 and he lost his life while trying to save a stray dog from colliding with his vehicle. Tipesh sustained serious head injuries and lost his life because of the accident.

Surprisingly, the stray dog, whose life was saved by Tipesh, followed the car carrying his body to his home, which was 8 kilometres away from the site of the accident. According to News18, the dog was also present during the funeral of Tipesh and this touched the hearts of everyone who witnessed the scene.

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Even after the funeral, the dog continued to express its grief in many ways. Three days after Tipesh’s passing, the dog finally entered his house, found his mother and cosied up against her. The dog reportedly tried to approach the house earlier but he was repelled by other stray dogs in the area.

Tipesh’s family then decided to adopt the stray dog once and for all. Chandana, who is Tipesh’s sister, revealed that the family has no resentment towards the dog and recognized that the incident was nothing but a tragic accident.

What a heartbreaking yet incredibly beautiful story of loyalty and grief!

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