Kapil Sharma Introduced His Girlfriend On Twitter But His Message To Deepika Takes The Cake

Thanks to her prolific acting and mesmerising beauty, Deepika Padukone has millions of admirers all over the globe. Be it Bollywood to Hollywood, commoners or celebrities, Deepika has charmed people all over with her grace.

For those who have watched his iconic comedy show, know that Kapil Sharma has declared Deepika as the love of his life, more times and in more ways than one. While all that may have been for fun, the comic has finally introduced his S.O. to the world.

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On Friday night, Kapil took to Twitter to share something special with his fans and followers.


While he asked everyone to wait for 30 min, the surprise came even sooner.


On a lighter note, Kapil didn’t forget to mention that now he won’t miss Deepika Padukone.

Wonder if Deepika has to say something on this.