Kolkata’s Jadavpur University Student Claims They Have Right To Drink & Smoke Inside Campus

On August 9, a 17-year-old male undergraduate student of Jadavpur University, Kolkata, passed away after falling from the second-floor balcony of the main boys’ hostel. This is a contemplated case of suicide and his family alleged sexual harassment and intense ragging by senior students and ex-students of the institute. A total of 13 people have been arrested pertaining to the case and an investigation is ongoing.

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However, the investigation is currently heavily dependent upon testimonies because there were no CCTV cameras installed in the hostel premises where the incident took place. If there would have been CCTV footage, it could have acted as solid evidence in the case and the accused would have been identified easily. It is to be noted that the lack of CCTV cameras inside the hostel premises is a gross violation of UGC guidelines and the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has demanded an explanation from the university.

As a means to prevent cases of ragging and harassment inside the hostels, the Jadavpur University administration has decided to install CCTV cameras at the entry and exit points of the hostels and the campus, reported India Today. The university has also prohibited the use of narcotic and alcoholic substances inside the campus.

However, students on the other hand are protesting against the installation of CCTV cameras inside the hostel premises. They are calling it a violation of their privacy and a matter of “state surveillance”. Students are carrying out protests inside the university campus and painting graffiti on the road.

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When a journalist visited the campus to report on the ongoing protest, he spoke to a female student who claimed that it is their right to smoke and drink inside the campus because it is their “second home”. When asked who gave them the right to do so, she said, “No one is supposed to give me this right, I have this right.”

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This particular statement of hers has started a debate on social media. A lot of people highlighted that while drinking and smoking amongst students takes place in colleges and hostels across the country, it shouldn’t be normalised. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

What are your views on this incident?

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