‘Kidney Bech Kar Nahi Ayega’ Indians Freak Out Over The Price Of iPhone 15 In Pakistan

On September 22, the new iPhone 15 is to go on sale. Built in with iOS 17, A16 Bionic chip and 48 MP lens, the iPhone 15 starts at a price of Rs 79,900 for the 128GB model whereas the iPhone 15 Plus model starts at Rs 89,900 for the 128 GB model. This is in India. In Pakistan, it’s a completely different game altogether.

In Pakistan, the price of iPhone 15 starts from Rs. 3,66,708. The costliest iPhone is the 512 GB iPhone 15 Pro Max which costs Rs. 5,99,593. In India, the same phone costs Rs 1,79,900, reported Business Today.

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Several people online, especially Indians, were in shock after getting to know about the whopping price of the phone in Pakistan. While many made jokes about how even selling a kidney wouldn’t suffice, others genuinely expressed their disbelief. Here’s how some of them have been reacting:

However, Pakistani currency is different from Indian currency. 1 Pakistani rupee is equal to 0.29 Indian rupee. Hence, Rs 5,99,593 in Pakistani currency is Rs 1,72,177. This indicates that there is not much difference between the price of the iPhone 15 in India and Pakistan.

But mere ko kya? Hum to kal bhi gareeb the, aaj bhi gareeb hai.

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