People Hilariously React To Guy Who Paid ₹1000 For Dosa & Idli At Gurgaon Restaurant

See, there’s no debate about the fact that idlis and dosas are some of the cheapest, healthiest and most filling food items you can find at a restaurant in India. They sell for about Rs 20 to Rs 50 a plate, sometimes even to Rs 100 if the place is fancy. But not more than that. However, one man had to pay quite a bit for these ‘cheap’ food items in Gurgaon.

A guy named Ashish Singh took to X (formerly Twitter) to share how he spent Rs 1,000 on two dosas and idli at a restaurant that made him wait for 30 minutes. The dosas aren’t even that big in size. Just to give you a comparison, in any regular place in Bengaluru, this would cost approximately Rs 45.

As a result, a lot of people’s first reaction was to ask the guy to move to Bengaluru! On the other hand, people came up with the funniest jokes to his post. Have a look:

Not all of Gurgaon sells expensive dosas and idlis. Maybe the guy went to a super posh restaurant in a super hot neighbourhood! 😛

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