Guy Lands An Assistant Professor Job, Announces News With Hilarious Election-Themed Poster

For anyone who is neck-deep into the world of academia, it is incredible news to land a teaching job at a prestigious college. You see, in our country, teaching is seen as a very noble profession and university professors are treated with a lot of respect and admiration.

So, when Prateekshit Pandey landed a job as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he decided to announce the happy news to the world in the most hatke way possible.

He designed an election-themed poster of himself where he is seen dressed like a politician with garlands on his neck, striking a ‘victory’ pose. The poster also had pictures of other university dignitaries along with congratulatory messages. Have a look:

Happy to officially announce that I am joining the Department of Communication at UC Santa Barbara @CommUcsb as an Assistant Professor, starting January 2024,” he wrote on X.

Have a look at his social media post here:

This is not the first time he has done something like this. Back in 2022, he shared a similar poster announcing that he would be defending his dissertation. However, in this poster, his pose is not that of ‘victory’, but he has his hands joined – the kind of pose politicians strike while asking for votes.

In case you’re wondering why he would make election-themed posters, it’s because he will be building his research program in political communication that would focus on understanding the role of political entertainment in shaping citizenship.

His posters left a lot of people online mightily impressed who not just laughed uncontrollably but also left him congratulatory messages for his achievement. Have a look:

Can already visualize the kind of fun his students would be having learning under him! 😀

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